Basic Deck

This deck is consist of only basic card set, and will go twards F2P deck.

Key Cards to add:
Druid of the Claw, Wrath, Ancient Watcher, Sunfury Protector, Gadgetzan Auctioneer, Keeper of the Groove, 


Force of Nature, Ancient of Lore, Ancient of War



F2P Deck

This deck is in process of being updated to budget druid deck, and is at much cheaper form. 


Key cards to add: 

- Rares:

2 azure drakes instead of Drake+ auctioneer, Argent Commander x2, 

- Epic: 

Ancient of Lore x2, 






Watcher Druid(budget+nonbudget)

Don't be fooled by the golden standard, the cards work just the same even if not goldenCosts around 3000 dust =~ a week of playtime. This is deck I got to legendary with in Test season 2, 3, and 4.


Note that Big game hunter is counter-Control decks, and should be removed if you don't face as many control decks, making the deck cost 400 less. You can replace the card with either ramping, draw, or even another heavy minion.












Without Big game hunter : 2440 Dusts.


EDIT: as of 7/6, I made following changes:


+1 Savage Roar

+1 cenarius

-1 Claw

-1 Defender of Argus



NON BUDGET DECK(6/3/2014):

-2 Argent Commander

-1 Claw

+1 Mark of the wild

+1 thalnos

+1 black knight or keep BGH.

+1 cairne




Roar-Druid Deck.
  This is pretty standard mid range druid deck that relies on having savage roar and force of nature combo to do a burst damage after taking board with solid minions. 
Also is final form of budget/F2P deck.


Cards to consider :


vs aggro

+1 claw

-1 kodo

+1 starfall 

-1 big game hunter



vs Control

+1 faceless

+1 Ysera



UPDATED ON 6/30/2014:

Double FoN, Face Paced, changes from the deck on left:

-1 Black Knight

-1 ragnaros

-1 cairne

-1 Kodo

-1 Thalnos

+1 FoN

+2 argent commander

+2 sunfury protectors






Soul- Token Druid Deck (8/4/2014 Updated)

This is typical Token druid deck, with addition of soul of forest.


It is particularly strong with new nax cards, and most of time you'll be able to earn 6/6 or 8/8 stat with soul of forest.


Taunt City Yo(7/21/2014 updated)

This is another ramping druid deck that relies on putting down heavy taunts that your opponent can't get through. I'll be explaining usage of the deck in future.


Feel free to use force of nature just to clear board, as this deck lacks removals mid-late game.






Naxx Watcher (9/4/2014)

This is watcher deck with bit more versatility(and more vanila stat), but needs silence to not give your opponent benefit.




Updated from left:

-1 dancing sowrds,

-1 yeti

-1 kel'thu


+1 wailing soul

+1 cenarius

+1 force of nature


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